Wine Tour of France

If you love French wine you can get to know it even better by going on a Wine Tour of France with Tasteful Tours. We will take you to the best known wine making regions to see how the wine is made, to meet the local producers, and to sample and enjoy the wine. It is a wine, culinary and cultural experience that will expand your knowledge and give you memories that will last a lifetime.

The tour lasts for two weeks. We take care of all of the planning, booking and organising. This includes your hotels, visits to the vineyards, and the internal travel in France between the regions. Most of your meals are included too.

From Champagne to Burgandy

We start in Paris where you can relax and enjoy this beautiful city before setting off for the Champagne region. It is in eastern France and is a region that needs no introduction - its sparkling white and rose wines are known around the world.

From Champagne we travel deeper into French wine making territory and the Burgundy region. Here you will sample and experience Burgundy wines as well as Beaujolais and Chablis wines, both of which are also in the Burgundy region. Included in the tour is a visit to the wine maker Chateau de Puligny-Monthachet.

The Rhone Valley to Bordeaux to Loire

Beaujolais is close to the Rhone Valley region, so this is our next stop. It makes some of France's best red wines, plus it offers stunning scenery straddling the Rhone River. In the Rhone Valley region you will visit Domaine Stéphane Ogier, a 2.5 hectare vineyard that produces modern and elegant Rhone Valley wines. You'll also visit the larger and more traditional Cote Rotte.

From the Rhone Valley you will head to the Bordeaux region on the Atlantic coast. It is famous for everything from Château Lafite-Rothschild to Château Latour. While in Bordeaux you will visit the 110 hectare Château Lagrange winery in Saint-Julien.

The final French wine region you will visit on your tour is the Loire Valley. It is famous for its white wine, particularly its Sauvignon blanc wines from Sancerre, an area which you will visit.

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Paris - 2 nights

  • Stay - Hotel Bedford

Champagne region - 2 nights

  • Stay - Hotel La Villa Eugene

Burgundy - 2 nights

  • Stay - Hostellerie Le Cedre
  • Visit - Chateau de Puligny-Monthachet

Rhone Valley - 2 nights

  • Stay - Chateau Eza
  • Visit - Domaine Stéphane Ogier and Cote Rotte wineries


  • Stay - Les Sources de Caudalie
  • Visit - Château Lagrange winery in Saint-Julien

Loire Valley - 2 nights

  • Stay - Grand Hotel du Lion d'Or
  • Visit - Sancerre region

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