Why Tour With us

As soon as you choose Tasteful Tours for your luxury guided holiday, you can relax!

Just tell Zsuzsanna , Cristina, Kata or Isabella–Jo your heart's desire, and let us  design your itinerary around your wish list.

We have an extensive network of trusted contacts throughout Europe, The Middle East, South Africa and South America many of whom have become good friends over the course of 25 years or more.

With Zsuzsanna or her team as your personal concierge, there's no need to worry about cultural or language barriers. We are fluent in English, French, Spanish, Hungarian and German, and a good standard of Russian too.

Tasteful Tours offers her guests the best of both worlds:  appreciation of a relaxed Kiwi attitude combined with an innate understanding of the pace, passion and flair of European life.

So, sit back and let Tasteful Tours do the hard work for you. If you want to immerse yourself in the real Europe, South Africa or Argentina, Tasteful Tours are your perfect travel partners.



The people who choose to join us are not usually interested in a tour. They want to travel in small groups of like-minded people in order to have more fun. We know you have been to Europe before, and we know that you don’t like to be herded and we know that you could arrange all of this yourself…. but we have done it many times before and we know many great places, the hidden places and the to-be-avoided-at-all-costs places.

If you think that Barefoot Travel sounds like you… then we think that you will like our trip.

We offer:

  • Flexibility of a Car and Driver: meaning that we can detour, linger…. or even backtrack for something special.
  • Small groups: 6- 12 maximum. Meaning that we can stay in small and interesting accommodation, and dine at one table.
  • Sleep ins: – it is a holiday after all.
  • 5* or Boutique Apartments or Hotels: Nothing of the bland in-between types.
  • Travel with friends: without having to do all of the leg-work!
  • Be a participant not a spectator: Sit with locals, eat with locals, shop with locals, walk with locals, join in traditional cultural traditions, light candles and say a little prayer, listen to the cow bells, taste the summer cheeses, and the chocolate…
  • No herding or self-interest: no taking you to places that offer incentives or kickbacks. EVER.

And best of all...

Bella Figura: -to ensure that you continue to float around Europe like a minor royal with minimal luggage, but maximum style…

If you find a Garden statue, an artwork, some antique gates or doors or if you just have some city, skiing or resort clothes that you no longer need for your onward travel, we will arrange to have it all shipped home for you. (Additional cost… but we will find the best deal for you and group it with other items that we have)

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